Local Exposure Network Service

Your Local Business Solution to Improve Google Maps Rankings

Confused by local marketing? Here’s how we simplify digital for small businesses.

“I know my business needs to be online, but I don’t have time to learn all that stuff!”

– Frustrated Business Owner

Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Get LENS!

LENS by 3PRIME is a full-service monthly plan to generate calls and leads from Google search rankings and Facebook with minimum headache and time involvement from you.

Here is what LENS can do for you:

Google Business & Maps

Customer Reviews

Social Media Engagement

Simple One-Page Website

Review Insights & Analytics from LENS

Preview your business’ analytics and see how your profile is doing all over social media platforms.

LENS helps maximize your business leads on the free tier of Google My Business and Facebook Business Services.

Step Up Your Game

Our team produces polished posts and relevant promotional content each month, so you can be proud of your business profiles and customers see that you are fresh and current.

Dive deeper & do your own research:

Click to open Google trends and search for your core keywords – this free tool will show you how customer interest is changing over time.

Contact Us to do a Free Listing Scan and see what third-party (non Google) directories your business is listed in.

Reopening Your Business?

Make sure your marketing communications are professional and consistent. We’ll help you create a package of communications that reflect the new normal.

View Case Studies

Expand To Multi-Channel

LENS focuses on local search, building strong rankings for your keywords and generating leads through your business profiles.

With the solid foundation, your positioned to expand your marketing strategy with a team you trust.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Guest Wifi with Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Seasonal Specials

With the basis secured, your digital marketing strategy is ready to launch!

Free One Page Website from Google

These are examples of simple one-page landing sites we have built for our clients through Google’s business site hosting. This service is included for free with LENS.

Ready to Get Started?

Sign up for LENS by 3PRIME today and watch as your Google rankings get higher and higher!