How It Works

LENS helps you maximize business leads from the free tier of Google My Business and Facebook Business Solutions. If you are a regionally focused business, LENS will become your biggest online asset.

You Deserve Marketing That Converts

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Our Goals

  1. Earning and maintaining top rankings on relevant Google Maps search
  2. Helping build positive reviews on a consistent, organic-looking basis.
  3. Analyze performance in terms of traffic, profile impressions, clicks, calls, and rankings
  4. Create consistent, branded, timely content on Google and Facebook

Your Subscription Guarantees

  • Consistent business information across the major directories, from Yelp to Yellow Pages
  • Regular expert check-ins via email to get your input on content we design and produce
  • Consistent review generation
  • Useful reporting on performance and leads

How We Achieve This

  • We request information from you for themes and content for a monthly Facebook / GMB Post
    • You’ll automatically receive an e-mail and, if necessary, a reminder to submit a theme, content, or images for us to use for your post each month.
    • We’ll e-mail you with a draft for you to approve or have us rework.
    • Then we’ll post it for you!
  • We solicit reviews from customers and clients on your behalf.
    • You’ll automatically receive an e-mail asking to submit client information, or you can send us a full client list and we’ll handle it from there!
    • We’ll routinely send out requests to small groups of clients asking for them to review their experience.
  • We’ll send you monthly reports detailing how your business’ listings and keywords are performing.

What you can expect in the first 90 Days

  • Auditing your existing Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook pages, ensuring all information is correct across the major platforms and dozens of authoritative business directories.
    • We augment your listings using the full extent of options available. A complete profile makes a big difference in overall rankings.
  • Running scans to search for duplicate or incorrect listings, including those that may show inaccurate data
  • Detailed keyword analysis, browsing keywords that already are in use on your website and competitors websites, to see which keywords your business should be tagged with
  • Baseline rankings and impressions
  • Creating a specialized solution for garnering reviews.
  • Creating custom audiences for promoted posts.
  • Discuss and create themes for at least 3 months of social media content
  • Professional graphics and posts for Facebook and Google, correctly formatted for the greatest reach and effect.