Domain Asset Management

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Domain Name Management

Identifying the right partner for domain management it vital to successful company digital presence. Experience, knowledge and technical ability pave the way for ease of domain portfolio administration. Our active monitoring provides our customers with a worry free web presence. The 3PRIME Concierge Service includes a full-time Personal Account Manager and Creative Team. This encompasses everything you need to maintain a successful digital presence and allows you the freedom to concentrate on your customers.

Consulting Services

  • Top level domains
  • Variant domains
  • Assess company domains and policies
  • Including unauthorized domain registrations
  • Maximize utilization of names for domains
  • Provide industry best practices regarding the purchase and ownership of of website domain names
  • Domain management audit
  • Create a strategic company domain management plan
  • Document all domains and company policies regarding domain registration
  • Implement operational best practices

Customer Requirements

  • You have access your domains and registrar accounts
  • You are the legal owner of the domain

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