Confused by local marketing? Here’s how we simplify digital for small businesses.

How LENS by 3PRIME Can Help You

Everything you know you need and nothing you don’t

Local Exposure Network Service (LENS)

Local search marketing (also known as local SEO) utilizes a variety of tactics to make your business more visible to local users searching for the services you provide.

The overall goal of LENS is to improve your website’s search engine rankings. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, so being on the second page of a search engine is a huge disadvantage.

The Key Aspects of Effective Local Search Marketing Include:

Claiming Core Listings

Claiming your main online listings (Google, Facebook, etc) and optimizing them with informative descriptions and the correct business information.

Creating Engaging Social Content

Creating engaging and informative social media content is a job in its own and it’s absolutely critical for staying in front of your consumers. We’ll take the work out of creating the content for you and provide you with a social media post each month.

Build Reviews

Encouraging and monitoring customer reviews is critical and that’s why we make it part of our regular work on your campaign. We’ll take the guesswork out and give you a system that you can integrate into your business process.

Eliminate Duplicates & Errors

Eliminating duplicate or incorrect listings, especially those arising from a former address. These ghosts from the past are unmarked mines scaring off new business.

Win Clients & Business

Nobody is calling you from your page 2 ranking. If you are wasting money on old-form advertising and consultants and SEOs who can’t break the first page, we’re the solution.

Stuck in Traditional Advertising?

Why waste another dollar on advertising that is out of business, and just doesn’t know it yet?

Everyone agrees that phone books have been made obsolete by the Internet. Every month in the United States, 10 billion searches are conducted and 43% of these searches have “local intent”. In other words, people are spending almost half their time online looking for services in their local area.

When is the last time you opened the print directory? Your customers aren’t either.

No Confusion

Your business’s online listings must contain the correct contact information. Incorrect listings, besides causing confusion, will lower your business’s overall search engine rankings. Listings in important directories, especially Google My Business (formerly Google Places), can be even be deleted if contact information is inconsistent throughout the Internet. Local search marketing ensures that these problems will never happen in the first place.

Make Changes Easier

When you control your listings, you’re able to make changes to the information anytime you want. You can change your business’s name, address, etc. and these changes will take place instantaneously. This is especially useful if your business moves in the future.

Enhanced Marketing

You can add coupons and other promotions to your local listings with ease. You can also take advantage of the video and photo features that some local search directories offer.

Reputation Management

Users tend to trust online reviews, especially from people in their own area. This is why you should encourage your customers to leave reviews. When it comes to nasty customer reviews, a lot of them are not necessarily true but simply embarrassing. With LENS, you can address these reviews by getting them changed or deleted. In addition, you can respond to both positive and negative reviews, showing you are engaged with your customers, a far more critical sign to others than never having a negative review.

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How LENS Improves Your Google Local Rankings

Step 1: Claim Your Google Listing

Improving your Google ranking is the primary goal of our work. We will make sure the listing that is shown to customers when you are at the top looks great and is ready for consistent updates for marketing promotions.

Step 2: Claim and Edit Data Aggregators

These are critical from a business management perspective as their data feeds many online publishers. If you have ever changed your business address, or used a service like Yellow Pages that involved creating fake listings, you definitely need this.

Step 3: Keyword Research & Baseline Reporting

Using common keywords and names of target towns as the root, we generate a list of 10-30 variations the core keyword phrase for your business. We measure baseline rankings, and use this for measuring progress going forward.

Step 4: Preliminary Report

Once we have your baseline rankings and the project in motion, we deliver a summary of what we have found, particularly critical concerns that affect our workflow. When we find issues, we solve them first, always remaining within your budget and ensuring that our time and effort is spent wisely and effectively.

Step 5: 3PRIME Marketing Optimizer

We set you up in our platform for managing over 50 of the top online business directories, including Bing, Yahoo Local, and many more. This is what will allow us to push marketing promotions, including specials and rich content, on these web portals every month!

Monthly Marketing Promotion & Local SEO

Once the first steps are complete, we begin our regular monthly services. Every business is a bit different but our mission is to do whatever is necessary to win and keep the top ranks in Google for the keywords that potential customers use to search.

Monthly Check-in for Client Input – We want to hear about specials, promotions, staff changes, new services and other promotions so your online listings push these promotions 24/7 NAP/Business Data Cleanup – Some businesses require greater focus on cleaning up duplicate and inaccurate business data. We make sure this gets done, delivering long-term value for our clients who have more complicated marketing history.
New Citations – We create at least 1 new citation every month, which is a listing on a relevant regional or niche directory that increases your Google Local rankings. Link Creation – We create at least 1 new high-quality link every month, usually on relevant niche directories. This is manually selected and built on your behalf and improves your Organic SEO positions as well as Local SEO rankings.
Reporting & Analysis – We compile your ranking report and other available analytics, lead by your account managers personal observations, and deliver this in an easy to understand format.