Guest Wi-Fi Platform

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The Guest Wi-Fi Platform helps you avoid time intensive manual contact information collection. It gives you the power to send personalized behavior-based messaging to first time visitors, repeat customers, lost customers and proven to bring customers back. Not only can you modernize your loyalty program but best of all your company can measure a true ROI by seeing your walk-through rates.

Does your Wi-Fi bring customers in the door?

The Power to Know Your Customers is the Power to Grow Your Customers

Boosted Contact List 5x Faster Than Before

The Guest Wi-Fi Platform turns your WiFi network into an automated contact collection tool.

Automated Marketing

Send messages that are automatically triggered by your guests’ unique visit behavior.

Transparent ROI

The Guest Wi-Fi Platform shows you which messages bring customers through your door.

How it Works

Set up is simple- Plug in the access point and your customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure Wi-Fi. The Guest Wi-Fi Platform automatically tracks guests’ visiting patterns and identifies customers who are lost versus those who are loyal. This allows you to understand your customers and treat them appropriately in your marketing.

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