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The Power of the Logo

So you’ve finally managed to begin getting your new business ready to launch. You want to do everything in your power to ensure a smooth start and the continued success of your company; after all, it is your company. When beginning new businesses many small business owners will choose to hold off on paying a professional design company to create a logo, claiming they just want to wait until they get a small client base. What they fail to realize is that by doing so they are actually encumbering progress, and could potentially be hurting their latest entrepreneurial opportunity. Having an original, catchy logo created for your business is imperative simply because it will become the face of your company.

An authentic, creative logo will provide a source of strength for your new company. This logo can help your company appear successful. If you go out and spend a minimal amount of money to have your logo designed by an amateur as opposed to spending the extra money to have it professionally designed, it will send a subliminal message to anyone who sees it. The message here is simple: “Hey, I don’t care enough about my business to pay to have an original design created to represent it.” Having a company logo that is appealing or memorable to the customer can assist in creating business opportunities. The more a customer remembers your business, the more likely they are to continue to do business with you as well as spread the word to family and friends. The proper logo design can help in making your company memorable to customers.

This logo will represent you on many levels. As stated previously, it will become the face of your company. This logo will be located in a variety of places ranging from business cards, faxes, letter heads, emails, websites, and any number of other places. In essence it will be how you advertise your business. No one wants a cheap, monotonous logo that gives people the willies. Your logo should be something that excites customers; something that will stimulate their senses and curiosity enough to make them want to explore your business further. After all this will be the first thing their attention is brought to.

A company without a logo can appear weak and unorganized. If it ever came down to making a choice regarding what company to use, the company with the more distinguishable logo is more than likely going to pull the business. Customers like to see catchy logos. It comforts them and reinforces the notion that the company they are doing business with is up with the times and focused enough to take pride in their company’s appearance.

Logo Gallery

Here are some examples of just how memorable a logo can be. See how many specific symbols you can associate with the following: McDonalds, Apple Computers, Dunkin Donuts, Superman, BMW, Mercedes, Wendy’s, Batman, Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, IBM Computers, Disney World, Starbucks Coffee, Harley Davidson, Hershey’s Chocolate, and Pepsi.

These are only a few examples of how logos and symbols can stick with someone. If you can find a logo which people will enjoy and remember your company will be much more inclined to succeed then if you don’t. So before you decide that you can’t afford to have a professional design created for your company- consider all outcomes and then ask yourself how you can afford not to spend the money. Contact us today!

Style guides & Presentations (PDF)

Logo design isn’t just about creating an image, it’s about thinking through an entire aesthetic and design approach – where the logo will appear, how it will be used, what typefaces it will be paired with, what it will look like in full-color and monochrome…

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