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Managed Hosting

Hosting managers who know your web assets and business and can do more than answer questions. Hosting management that gets you back to business. We get it done.

Each of these hosting options offer unique advantages and disadvantages—as well as different price points. 3PRIME will discuss the benefits of each with you and help to select one that best fits the needs of your business or application.

3PRIME provides customized hosting management and consultation. We set up and administrate Shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and Dedicated Hosting Accounts. Below is a short summary of each so that you can determine which one would be the best fit for your website.

Shared Hosting

When Affordability Comes First. Shared hosting means that a set of websites share a dedicated amount of resources. The quality of shared hosting is entirely incumbent upon the amount of resources apportioned and the number and architecture of websites sharing them.

This hosting method that will place your website on a single web server, along with various other sites. Your site will be placed within it’s own partition which will keep it separate from neighboring sites.

Dedicated Server

100% of Server Resources At Your Disposal. Kind of like your office workstation or laptop, you get all the benefits of the CPU, Disk space, RAM and other features of your server. These are utilized by the software your server runs and the websites hosted on it. This is what 3PRIME uses for our managed hosting service.

With dedicated hosting your website will be placed on an entire server which it won’t share with anyone. Here you’ll have total control of the server and you’ll be able to determine the server’s operating system, hardware and how these resources are configured.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Resources on a Shared Server. With a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you have a dedicated amount of server resources and can host multiple websites within your private resource area. Higher traffic sites should consider this type of service as the difference in website performance is significant!

VPS Hosting is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. It’s less expensive than dedicated hosting but will give you total control over the software you install on the server’s operating system.

Cloud Hosting

It’s More Than Buzz. The whole idea of “the cloud” is that demand for resources is handled by a distributed set of servers, providing for scalability without having to actively manage server mirroring and load balancing yourself.

3PRIME also offers DNS management on variable terms depending on need. Call to discuss your hosting or DNS management questions, we’ll help you find and take advantage of great solutions by reliable vendors!

Choosing Hosting

There is no substitute for Experience. Having managed hundreds of hosting accounts from every imaginable hosting company, 3PRIME is uniquely positioned to help you choose the best hosting plan and manage your account.

3PRIME offers managed hosting on our own dedicated server, but we can also manage your hosting on any platform you prefer.

Hosting Setup

We Can Do It For You. We’ll get your account setup, take advantage of any deals on your behalf and provide you with all the particulars you need as the owner of your own hosting. We strongly advocate that our clients always know all the applicable logins, passwords, PINs and security questions. You are the account owner, we act as your agent and advisor, ensuring your web assets are able to be served reliably and consistently.

Server Administration

Expertise Where It Counts. Managing System Resources and Design Custom Tools and Applications for both Windows and *Nix Systems.

Emergencies & Malware

Support When It Really Counts. Our performance in critical situations is just one example of how we have earned our clients’ trust and loyalty.

Malware cleanup is a difficult task demanded during a stressful situation. You’ll need a confident, experienced hosting manager, and we’ll earn your trust and thanks by returning your server or website to 100% working order.

Web Hosting by 3P Managed Hosting

3PRIME offers its own managed hosting service. Managed hosting by 3PRIME means that you can rely on us to take care of your hosted website, but you also have complete access using cPanel & FTP.

Our hosting plans include

  • cPanel hosting control panel
  • FTP
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • MySQL & PHP
  • Email Servers with advanced Spam filters

To read more about our hosting service, visit 3PManagedHosting.com

3PRIME knows what it takes to create a successful website, and it all starts with a strong foundation. The best looking website in the world won’t have any effect if its hosting isn’t reliable. Let 3PRIME help you build a foundation worthy of your business.

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