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Custom WordPress Dashboards enable website owners to manage content with little or no website management experience.

During our consultation and design process, we will identify the activities with the highest re-occurrence. Those activities are great candidates for custom post types, which is WordPress parlance for a type of content with specific attributes that you want to manage in a specific fashion.

Website Development

Creating a website is more than just clicking a few buttons and having a clean design appear. Functionality and user experience is at the forefront of developing your website. 3PRIME works with you to discover your web needs and executes on your business vision by crafting the user experience that matches your business goals.

Web App Development

Web app development is about the intersection of Platforms, Performance, and People. This is our guiding principle when it comes to web app development. What does the client need executed? How does it need to be executed? And who will the users operating it be? 3PRIME has over 20 years of experience creating expertly coded and designed web applications for clients across a large variety of industries.

Creating the systems that power your business

The skill and talent to visualize the successful outcome and develop solutions that meet your goals.

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