WordPress Security Maintenance

We identify ongoing vulnerabilities with your WordPress site and make needed adjustments to prevent security issues from disrupting your business.

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How We Maintain WordPress

WordPress Core Updates

We set your WordPress site to the latest version of WordPress engine so that core features are running the latest CMS code.

Security Monitoring

We install and configure Wordfence to deliver real-time security alerts to our development team. These are addressed to ensure continuous security.

Monthly Backups

We setup your website to maintain consistent backups in the event that an issue requires restoration of the website. Your hosting may require updates to support this service feature.

Plugin Updates

We set your WordPress site to deliver plugin update alerts to our team and we address them to ensure your website is as secure as possible.

Regular Security Checks

We monitor your site via email notifications and the Wordfence Central dashboard for increased visibility and faster response times.

Up-time Monitor

We monitor uptime for your website to ensure consistent performance of your website for visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Am I Billed?

WordPress Security Maintenance can be billed on an Annual or Quarterly basis. If we are providing web hosting, your security maintenance can be added to your monthly billing.

Isn't Security Maintenance Included in my Web Hosting?

Website hosting is the service you pay for to serve web pages to visitors. In the case of WordPress your hosting consists of one or more MySQL databases and thousands of files that make up your Content Management System (CMS). Think of it as a lease on server space and reliable throughput. Without it, your website cannot be displayed to visitors.

Security maintenance is a specific requirement of using WordPress for your CMS. WordPress requires maintenance to remain secure and up to date. Entrusting this activity to 3PRIME means that you can rely on consistent performance for your WordPress website, but you must still maintain your domain name as well as web hosting services.

Do I need to get my web hosting from 3PRIME to subscribe to security maintenance?

No, our security monitoring service does not require that you host your website with us.

If you would like a recommendation on appropriate hosting services, give us a call!

How do we get started?

When you subscribe for WordPress Security Maintenance, we will generate your first invoice which is due according to our regular billing policy. From there we make sure we have all the necessary logins, and proceed with setup. This includes:

  • Review of current WordPress status
  • Install and configure Wordfence
  • Integrate your website with our Wordfence central account

From then on, security and plugin related alerts are sent directly to our team and you can rest easy that your website is being professionally and consistently maintained.

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