Google Adwords Marketing

Our certified Google Adwords experts are able to translate your vision and mission into ads that will drive traffic to your website and create revenue.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Advertising?

Advertising takes many forms in today’s digital world. Going beyond traditional print and media advertising, more people are turning to their computers, tablets, and phones every day for shopping and research purposes. There have never been as many opportunities to get in front of existing and potential customers as there are today. At 3PRIME we have the knowledge and experience to guide your online advertising efforts in order to get you in front of your target audience and turn them into customers.

As with all marketing efforts there are shortcuts and there are best practices. Our dedication to using best practice in all of our Google Adwords campaigns ensures that each of our clients have the latest and most effective campaigns to reach their customers. Our service begins with understanding who you are as a business and developing an advertising campaign that helps you achieve your goals.

What Are Adwords?

Google Adwords are the advertisements that are displayed at the top of searches or across other Google platforms and sites. Adwords allow websites to be the first things that someone conducting an internet search sees, even before the search results themselves. This can be a highly effective approach in creating awareness of, and driving traffic to, a website.

Our Approach

Nobody knows your business better than you do. With that in mind our first step is to work with you to understand and enhance your advertising message. Our certified Google Adwords experts are able to translate your vision and mission into ads that will drive traffic to your website and create revenue for you while working harmoniously with all other internet marketing endeavors.

Partnering With You

Adwords are customizable to whatever your business needs are. You are in control of how much you spend when you spend it, and when to start and stop your ads. And the best thing is you only pay if the ad works. Our experts have the experience needed to create effective ads for all types and sizes of businesses.

If you want to know if Adwords is right for you and your business, and how to maximize your online marketing efforts contact us to get the discussion started.

Search Engine Impact

Search engines and their results continue to influence and empower consumers and buying patterns, in fact, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search. Taking advantage of this fact requires understanding what drives people to a site and that is where we excel. Getting your name and brand in front of your customers is an imperative part of any online advertising and marketing strategy.


For over a decade, 3PRIME has approached Internet marketing and web development with professional expertise and an unrivaled dedication for success. Employing a wide range of technical competencies, we know how to help businesses handle online marketplace issues and take advantage of opportunities before they go mainstream.

As a local business, we can help you in ways that larger marketing companies can’t. We are able to meet with you face-to-face and answer any questions you have. No matter what your issue is, we’re only a phone call away. We understand the challenges you face because we’ve faced them ourselves.

“We prefer to set up event and goal tracking in Analytics and then import them into Google Ads. The reason for this is you want to have consistent conversion tracking across all your digital channels, not just Google Ads. This also enables you to compare Ads conversions against SEO, email, and social channels as long as they all use the same landing page.”

Ryan Turner, Co-Owner of 3PRIME

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