Why Reviews Matter

Why do reviews matter?

You may already know that keywords are a big part of SEO. But did you know that when it comes to local SEO, customer reviews play a massive role? Those stars next to your business name are critical to maximizing your leads from Google Maps.

Reviews are not praise or criticism of you, the person. They are a reflection of the experience the customer had at your business. Both negative AND positive reviews help improve your local SEO.

95% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, and 72% of those shoppers won’t make a decision until they read reviews about the business. Those reviews are absolutely critical to success. Online reputation matters more when making a purchasing decision than it ever has. Potential customers want to see positive reviews before they’ll consider spending money with your business. Having NO reviews is not a good look!

Customers increasingly turn to their devices to help make decisions, such as where to eat, which vendor to hire, and shopping. Because of this, the consumer expects search engines to return the best companies with the highest rated products.

It is clear that making review requests a part of your business process is necessary if you want to generate leads online. And we are here to show you how we make this easy for you!

How LENS Review Generation Works

With LENS by 3PRIME, we’ll take the step of requesting reviews out of your hands. You focus on running your business, we’ll just ask you every month for your selection of customers’ contact information and use our software to solicit the reviews for you! You select who we contact, which helps increase review conversions and gather the best possible reviews for your business.

LENS Provides:

  • Monthly review requests – If you have a curated customer email list, we can gather this and send out a pre-determined number each month. If you don’t, we provide you with an approach that works for your business.
  • Signage & Collateral – Your account manager will provide you with in-store (or online) graphics you can use to let your customers know that you are working to earn their positive feedback, and enable them to leave their review immediately rather than waiting for an email.
  • Email signature inclusion – One of the least invasive ways to do this is to create a byline in your email signature where you can include a link to review your business listing on Google.

What We Know

You may feel that asking customers may be annoying to them, but most customers would be happy to leave a review of their experience.

In your position, you already know what role reviews play in your own decision making. You know that your customers do the same. The only reason you aren’t doing this for yourself is it takes time you won’t prioritize and effort you’d rather spend elsewhere.

If maximizing your online leads is important to you, get LENS and let us make it happen!

How Should I Handle Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews can be a touchy area for some business owners. Your business is your world and sometimes crafting an objective response can be difficult. 3PRIME is here to help you craft the perfect response when the time comes!