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We know that we need to earn the trust of each business we work with and are not afraid to be put to the test.

If you want questions answered by experienced and progressive SEO & Information Technology professionals, contact us to setup a consultation agreement.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about professional internet consulting. Here at 3PRIME we have worked hard to create consulting services which have been streamlined and optimized for effectiveness.

The main feature of our consultant service is flexibility. At the start of every consulting project 3PRIME enters into a discovery phase where we become acquainted to the particular features of your business and the ways in which we can help make it more successful. We also take this time to learn your values and your philosophy on business so that we can better determine solutions which will fit your business model. Out of this phase there are several options available to our clients. Our consultant services are results based opposed to task based. Consultant services that focus purely on tasks are often too rigid or unconcerned to deviate for the good of their clients. In the ever changing world of Internet Business a tactic that is effective one day very may well be outdated the next. With this said, 3PRIME is a very experienced internet consulting company and we’ve achieved proven results in every aspect of internet business.

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Our approach is focused on providing your business with the paths necessary for it to be successful. And in this process we try to include you as much as possible. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, the work we’ll be doing for your business, small or large, will become part of your business and that means a lot. The best way for these strategies to flourish is for the clients that we work with to take ownership of them and really believe in the path they’ve been set on. Another major facet of our approach is the ethical way that we go about it. In no way will we withhold information or mislead our clients in an attempt to make them dependent on us. Our consulting services are meant to enrich our clients and their businesses, earning your continued business through satisfaction instead of dependency.

We realize that it is imperative that we earn the trust of each and every client we work with and we are eager to be put to the test.

What do you want to do? What does your organization need to accomplish its purpose?

You should ask how we can help you improve your business.

Hourly SEO

For sites with specific needs, we may determine a fixed price for hourly SEO services. This means that we are available on-call and you are only billed for the time which you request we spend on your behalf. Invoices for hourly items are expected to be paid within 3 business days of generation of the invoice.

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