Our Team & Culture

We are a team of dedicated professionals, experienced in all aspects of website building, management & promotion.

Ryan Turner

Co-Owner / SEO Evangelist

When you speak openly and honestly, others truly listen to you.

Following Ryan Turner’s University of Connecticut education and a brief stint in sales, Ryan found his calling in business consulting and search engine marketing. No business ever started smaller than 3PRIME, but within 6 years 3PRIME grew from a small partnership to a 6 person company headed by the unflagging efforts and commitment of its staunch co-owners.

As Ryan looks ahead to the upcoming months and years, he draws his greatest strength from his closest associates, his family and 3PRIME’s business clients, knowing that his success is drawn up in theirs.

Cornel Boudria

Co-Owner / Chief Engineer

Projects are not about the destination, they are about the journey. But definitely about the destination.

Cornel Boudria is the Chief Web Engineer, co-founder and co-partner of 3PRIME. He is pushing the better part of 15+ years of expert experience in the Web Development field. He graduated from the UCONN School of Business in 2002 with fellow 3PRIME co-founder and co-partner, Ryan Turner.

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Chris DeRosa

Senior Developer

Chris DeRosa joined 3PRIME in 2015 as a full-time staff web developer. Taking the lead on several projects, he has brought a fresh perspective and enthusiastic approach to existing clients and new projects.

Chris Guthrie

Website Production Manager

Chris is an accomplished web professional with over 20 years experience managing website builds. After joining 3PRIME in 2017, Chris has overseen the life cycle for most of 3PRIME’s website projects, making sure they progress at an optimal level from inception through completion.

Chris has been online for over 30 years, getting started with BBS‘s in the 1980’s, the Internet‘s precursor. His experience and familiarity in this space is extensive and lends a proficient hand to all of 3PRIME’s projects.

Arsen Azizyan

Web Designer

Arsen started at 3PRIME in 2010 and suddenly rediscovered the ability to enjoy work.

Due to his purchase of a Compaq desktop, he has been forced to become good at fixing computers. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, with experience in content writing, photo and graphics editing in Photoshop & Illustrator, HTML/CSS and a smattering of PHP and other languages.

Crystal Campbell

Lead Designer

Crystal started at 3PRIME in the Spring of 2016 as a part-time Graphic Design intern while she obtained a Bachelors’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with minors in Computer Science and Studio Art from SCSU. She joined the team full-time in the Winter of 2017 and became 3PRIME’s in-house Graphic Designer.

Crystal has experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, XD, After Effects, has Certifications in UI/UX Design, and has dabbled in HTML/CSS. She enjoys making clients’ ideas come to life and making 3PRIME’s projects look beautiful.

Anthony Abu-Hanna

Senior Account Manager

Anthony joined 3PRIME in June 2020 as the Senior Account Manager for LENS, overseeing and handling client-facing aspects of the service. He graduated SCSU in 2017 with a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on Management and Marketing.

In his spare time, he enjoys photography, homebrewing, and going to hockey games.

Nicole Healey

Social Media Manager

Nicole started at 3PRIME in the Summer of 2019 as the team‘s Social Media Manager. She graduated from SCSU in the Spring of 2018 with a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is a Facebook Certified Digital Media Planner and brings a fresh perspective to the clients’ social media presence while tackling a variety of different tasks.

When she is not working at 3PRIME you can catch her coaching Division II Women’s Lacrosse at the University ofBridgeport.