Google My Business has rebranded to Google Business Profile. What does this mean for you?

Google has recently launched the biggest update to business profiles yet. They have completely changed how businesses manage their listing and rebranded GMB to Google Business Profile.

So What’s New?

The biggest, and most glaring, change is that you, a local business owner, no longer need to go into Google Business Manager to manage your profile. It is now all done on Search. All you have to do is type your business name into Google Search and you’ll be presented with the following screen:

What About Managing Multiple Locations?

If your business has multiple locations to manage, nothing changes. You can still access the existing GMB manager. This will continue to be the way to manage multiple businesses or locations.

Can I still use the GMB Business Manager pages to manage my single listing?

Yes you can for the time being. Google is planning to migrate business owners who manage a single business to the new way of using Search for managing your listing though. As a part of this rebrand and recent changes, Google will also be retiring the Google My Business app in 2022.

Linkedin Dark Mode, Is Your Profile Getting Lost on a Dark Screen?

With Linkedin making their dark mode feature available globally last month, it now gives users the option to choose between a dark or light screen. Dark mode, which is often used to ease eye strain, is a very common feature used on social media platforms. It’s important for businesses to take notice of this change and review their profiles to accommodate any changes needed to the cover or logo. Before the feature was an option, you might have seen a business profile with dark branding to contrast the white background on Linkedin, but now that you can switch to a darker view that branding will be harder to see or gets losts.





It might be beneficial for your business to update your social media branding to accommodate this new change.


3PRIME can help you with this!


We can create  “dark-mode friendly” cover and logo files for company LinkedIn pages so your business’ branding will stand out in either mode without getting lost.



. .

Contact us today and see how we can help!

3PRIME Gives Back

As a small, local business 3PRIME is all about community engagement. In fact, it is one of the core tenets of our business. This year, we’ve decided to focus our efforts towards the local education system. Education is one of the most pivotal parts of a community and with the new school year around the corner it provided the perfect opportunity to show support!

Our choice on what school system to give back to was an easy one. We’ve been working with New Haven Public Schools since 2014 on their SRBI (Scientific Research Based Interventions) web portal. This major platform for SRBI input management allows the school district to manager SRBI meetings and track progress of students in SRBI. This data streamlines coach and teacher productivity, informs about student progress, and allows the district to be more nimble to student needs while assessing successful interventions.

So, this year 3PRIME will be providing some essential supplies to the New Haven Public School system. Our team has stuffed 20 new backpacks with some key school supplies for kids K-8th grade so that the kids can get back to classes worry-free.

We were happy to help NHPS and are looking forward to furthering our engagement with the surrounding community for years to come!


Clutch Names 3PRIME Web Solutions as a Top SEO Company in Connecticut for 2021

Business owners enhance their business visibility through SEO or known as search engine optimization. With effective SEO strategies, your business can compete with businesses in the same industry. That’s why 3PRIME Web Solutions has been working hard to help clients with their SEO needs to succeed in the competition.

Founded in 2005, we have been a reliable source of SEO and digital strategy that helps our clients to achieve the highest level of digital exposure. Our team is composed of professional and skilled talent who are dedicated to exceeding the clients’ business goals.

With that being said, our passion and dedication have secured a spot on a prestigious list of Clutch. 3PRIME was announced as one of the top SEO companies in Connecticut for 2021!

To know more about Clutch, it is a top resource for buyers looking for the best company to hire. They highlight the top B2B companies that exhibit deep knowledge in their field and a strong commitment to high-quality customer services. They become the go-to resource for buyers looking for the best company to hire and for businesses seeking qualified leads and new projects. 

This is a huge success! Our whole team at 3PRIME  is delighted and proud to receive this award, and we can’t wait for the wonderful opportunities this would bring to us. So, we would like to use this opportunity to thank the whole team at Clutch for highlighting our company in their reputable list of best services providers. Without you, this would not have been possible. 

Furthermore, we also extend our gratitude to our amazing clients who took the time to leave us a review on our Clutch profile. Thank you for your unending support and trust throughout this journey.


Take a look at our high-rating reviews:

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3 Steps to Improve Search Ranking for You

Small Business

Small businesses have to face a new reality: the digital world may provide the only support during uncertain times. In 2020, many small businesses faced the risk of bankruptcy and closure due to the pandemic. Despite the promise of economic resurgence in 2021, more than 9 million small businesses in the United States alone feared they won’t make it through the crisis.

More and more small businesses have come to realize that improving their online presence and search engine visibility is the key to retaining a robust customer base. Some have even branched out to connect their search engine optimization with social media.

However, it’s easy to get distracted by the numerous strategies. But you should always focus on improving your website’s search rankings.

Below are some compelling reasons to focus your efforts on improving search rankings and three effective methods you can use to achieve such a goal.

Why You Need to Improve Your Search Rankings

Many digital marketing agencies may try to dazzle you with different metrics, but expert providers of SEO services for small businesses understand that improving search rankings is the most important goal of all. Without enhancing your search rankings, all other metrics may be impossible to achieve.

Here are some of the best reasons for pursuing a spot on the first results page for your business

● People look for locations
According to the experts at Google, as many as one in three of all Google searches from mobile phones are related to location. This is because people actively use search engines to look for locations they wish to visit. If your business website appears first on such results, that means more people will be able to find your physical location.
● Users search for businesses
The internet is useful for looking up many things and users have turned to it to find local businesses. According to a survey of consumers, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents use search engines to locate a local business. If your business is struggling to remain afloat or need substantial revenue, appearing in these searches ahead of your competitors is essential.
● First-term gets the most clicks
People and users look for swift results from their search engines. Most users click the first result on the
first page. Experts calculate that whichever website occupies the first spot can have an average click-
through rate of over 28 percent. This means that if your website can take that spot, you have a higher
chance of getting new customers.
● First pages get almost all views
Search engine engines rank their results based on multiple factors, with those scoring the highest appearing closer to the top. But this means that users barely pay attention to the results that appear on the following pages. As many as 93 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results. This makes it vitally important that you appear on the first page or else have to fight for the few users who bother to check the second page.

Improving Your Search Rankings

So how does your business make it onto the first page of the SERP?
Digital marketing companies throughout the country, from SEO experts in Dallas to content marketers in Duluth can tell you just how effective the following methods can be.

1. Create Compelling Content

Content is the key to winning over customers and search engine algorithms alike. Compelling content takes many forms. It can be appealing metadata and title, both of which are factored in algorithms when they crawl your website. It also includes regularly updated pieces, like educational videos and expertly written blog posts.

Of course, compelling content is also essential for retaining the interest of your readers and customers. The more compelling your content, the more likely people are to share it with their friends and social networks. This ensures that your website gets good traction and visibility from multiple angles.

How do you produce content that consistently engages?

● Routinely inspect your entire website for outdated or wrong content. This could be information that’s no longer relevant, data that has been overturned by new evidence, or simply articles no
one cares about anymore. Articles with erroneous information can affect your credibility and outdated data may lead to lost traffic, which could also mean lost revenue. Once you’ve discovered these old blog posts or copies, schedule content refreshing and republishing. This strategy will not only save you time in creating content, but it could also help you generate new traffic.

● Don’t write solely for algorithms. Instead, focus on writing content that your customers and readers will genuinely care about. Doing so can draw more organic traffic than creating for
search engines. Look up what sort of information your customers and potential customers want to know. Providing them with this information is key to drawing in more traffic, backlinks, and the like.
● Optimize keywords connected to your website. Everything, from the title of the website to its metadata and even the alt-text for your images, are evaluated by search engines when determining rankings. Make sure that they correctly incorporate keywords, search phrases, and important information.
● Don’t ramble, but don’t be too brief either. Both readers and search engines prefer longer content rather than short articles that don’t offer any substantial information. When writing articles for your website, make sure they provide in-depth knowledge; edit them to ensure they don’t contain unnecessary words and erroneous information.

2. Optimize for Mobile

As of 2021, the majority of internet users are accessing it through their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. According to expert sources, as many as 55 percent of all global internet traffic originates from mobile devices. This makes it a necessity that your business website, not just accessible but optimized for mobile traffic.

Although your website may appear on a phone’s web browser, it can be distorted. Or several features may be rendered unusable by the shift. Or it may not appear at all. Such problems will undoubtedly drive away customers.

Here are ways to optimize your site for mobile use.

● Ensure your website changes ratio and resolution to fit into mobile devices. Smartphones have significantly smaller screens than other devices and your site may not translate properly if you
don’t alter it. You should also optimize your site for all sorts of mobile devices, including tablets because they have different screen sizes and capabilities.
● Choose your fonts for readability and appeal. You must not forget that mobile devices have smaller screens or they may not access the same font types as larger computers. If you don’t, visitors to your site may find it difficult to read your content. This will put off many visitors and render your website unusable.
● Test all the buttons and clickable features of your website on a mobile browser. If you want to be absolutely sure your site works properly, invest a lot of time in inspecting each of its clickable
features. Are the buttons big enough on a phone screen that users can press them easily? Are they responsive at all? Catching such errors will be important before launching a mobile version
of your site.
● Phones have different internet capabilities than desktop setups. They may not be able to handle huge, intricate websites as quickly as their desktop counterparts. If you don’t optimize your site for speed, it may take a long time for pages to load, causing users to go to your business competitors instead.

3. Reach Out to Local Directories and Sites

Search engines connect with local business directories and similar sites to pinpoint shops and other commercial establishments accurately. It is crucial to enlist your business in these online directories. Users value the reviews left by other customers on these sites and can lead to more revenue.

Furthermore, search engines connect the address you input in such directories with online searches,
allowing customers to find your business easily.

● Register your business with sites like Yelp and Google My Business. Make sure you complete the registration and verification processes of these directories because your business won’t appear in their listings until your do.
● Double-check that all details of your business address are correct when you sign up for such a site. This is crucial for connecting your online site to a searchable physical location.
● Encourage customers to leave reviews on your directory pages. Users frequently trust the reviews left by other users on business sites. However, your satisfied customers may forget to indicate how pleased they were with your company. Ask them to write about their positive experience with your product or service. Reach out in a friendly manner while they’re online, and if at all doable, offer an incentive, from a charitable donation on their behalf to a discount.

With millions of small businesses clamoring for the attention of consumers, you need to be smart about your digital marketing strategy. Improving your search ranking position is the best possible way for your small company to succeed in the uncertain times ahead.



Itmar Gero

Itamar Gero is the founder of, a digital marketing solutions provider that empowers agencies and their local clients all over the world. When he isn’t working, he’s traveling the world, meditating, or dreaming (in code).

3PRIME Web Solutions is a 5-Star Web Developer

The internet is a colosseum and websites are like gladiators fighting for a user’s attention. Since it only takes 0.05 seconds for someone to form an opinion about a website, it has become all the more important to have a good-looking site that wows at first sight. Various aspects, like design, page load speed, and SEO performance, determine success or failure.

To stay ahead, you need a partner to build and maintain your website. It requires continuous work in an ever-changing field, after all. You do not need to go anywhere else — our team may just be who you’re looking for.

We are 3PRIME LLC, a digital marketing and web development agency that is determined to make your business grow. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with well-rounded expertise in website development and business management. We are proficient in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Photoshop, WordPress, and more. 

We offer IT solutions for businesses big and small, regardless of budget and situation. Since 2005, we have been the partner of countless startups, nonprofits, and companies in expanding and streamlining their operations.

We were honored to be recently reviewed at Clutch. They are an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals. Their team collected feedback from one of our clients.

Poughkeepsie Optometry hired us for website development and hosting. Our team revamped their website — we updated its design and functionality and gave it a more modern look. We continue to improve the site as we handle its hosting. 

The client is very happy with our partnership, due to our responsiveness to their concerns. They are impressed that we got back to them in less than 12 hours and that we delivered the website as promised. For quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer, and an overall score, they gave us a five-star rating.

Crafting the Perfect Response to a Negative Review

Crafting the perfect response to a negative review on Google and Facebook takes time. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. How you respond to a negative review will reflect on your business and whether people will want to spend their money with you.

These negative reviews are not an indictment against you, the person, but each review is about an experience at your business. You may be thinking – I should write this long, elaborate reply going into minute detail about your business, but I’m here to tell you that’s not the answer. A review response should never be long winded, save that type of content for a social media post or blog piece, if you write them. People reading review responses, including the person who initially left the review don’t want to read paragraph upon paragraph of verbiage.

The above is what not to do. No one on the internet is going to sit there and read a wall of text. Consumers don’t have the attention span, online, to read through walls of text. Writing a long reply with the thought that your response is providing education, informative, or otherwise necessary information is not the proper way to approach crafting that perfect response. A consumer is moving on from a response within two seconds.

Keep It Short & Simple.

Crafting that review response to a negative review should have two parts: an apology and an offer to discuss the situation further and the intent to rectify the situation. There is no need to add anything past that. Everything else is irrelevant to the matter at hand.

You want to show that you can handle a negative review objectively.If a reader gets the sense that your emotional or defensive in the response, it may dissuade them from spending their money at your business. Take a couple of days before you respond to a negative review, really assess the situation, and then begin crafting that response. And remember to keep it short and simple!

However, if you’re the type that has trouble separating yourself from your business when crafting those reviews, fret not. We’re here to help. We’ll help you craft that succinct and apologetic response that will get customers wanting to shop with you because of how you handled a negative review.

How to Claim an Unmanaged Facebook Page

As a business owner you may find that even if you have not created a Facebook business page, one already exists. This can happen from people ‘checking in’ at your business or a variety of other reasons.

This unmanaged or unofficial Facebook page can be an unwanted problem, but something that isn’t too difficult to resolve. We’ll outline the steps you need to take in order to claim or remove the page.

How Do You Claim An Unmanaged Page?

You will be able to tell if a Facebook page is unmanaged by viewing the page and seeing the ‘Unofficial Page’ label on it. By the ‘Unofficial Page’ label, there will be a question prompted that asks ‘Is this your business?’. You will want to click that question and it will redirect you to a new link.

You can then verify that you own the business a few different ways.

1. Verify By Phone Number

If you have access to the phone number that is listed as the publicly listed business phone number. Facebook would then call the number and give you a 4 digit code. That code can then be entered on Facebook 

2. Verify By Documents

If you do not have access to the phone number associated with the business you can provide some documents as well. The types of documents that could be provided are business tax files, business licenses, phone bills, electricity bills, etc. It’s just important that you scan a document to the business name and address.

3. Verify By Email

Another option that you have is verifying through your business-associated email address ( You will need to connect your business email to your Facebook account in order to verify it this way. Once you have that connection established, you will be able to choose your email as a verification method. 

After the Verification

Typically it will take Facebook a minimum of 72 hours to get back to you regarding your request to claim a Facebook page, but it can take up to a week. If you haven’t heard anything after a week, try reaching out to Facebook support to further assist you in your attempt. 


Generation 4 Analytics Missing Column to Create View

If you’ve found an issue in Google Analytics Gen4 with a missing view column or that you can’t create view, read on to see how to create a new property where you can create views and set up goals for conversion tracking.

This month we created two new analytics accounts for different clients through our normal method. Since our approach is to have our clients “own” their own profiles and provide us with the necessary access, we setup a screenshare and walk them through the process to setup Google Analytics, Google My Business and other Google-related services. 

For the two accounts we setup this week, we used the new Generation 4 Google Analytics, Google analytics 4. These were our first for this beta platform. We did not even notice this critical difference when setting them up. The Google Analytics View column is missing!

In Universal Analytics, when you create a new Account and Property, the default View is automatically created. However, it looks like there is a bug in GA4 that not only doesn’t create a default view, but also makes it impossible to create a view manually. 

After reporting it a few times through the Feedback module, we finally chatted with Google Ads support and they confirmed the issue and made the suggestion below which worked fine. 

Here’s what you do to create a view in GA Gen 4 account:

  1. Create a new Property
    • Set the property name (I suggest adding Universal to it)
    • Set Timezone and Currency
    • Click Show Advanced Options
  2. Enable Universal Analytics. Google has recommended not using the combined option as of now, so when you arrive at this portion of the setup use the following settings.

  1. From here you have the option to fill in the About Your Business section, or skip it for now and click Create to complete the setup.

Once these steps are complete you will receive a new tracking ID and script to implement. Unfortunately, your previous data will not be available, but the View column will be back, Goals and all!

After our experiences dealing with Gen 4, I would recommend against upgrading to it at this time! 

If you are looking for assistance with Google Analytics for your business, check out some of our training services at GetAnalytics.Training!

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