One-Time Priority Communications Package

A simple, affordable package that positions your business for effective multi-channel communications.

Make sure customers know your business is operating

Webpage, Email, Social Media, & Critical Business Listings

Whether you are a 1-person shop or have staff in the hundreds, we can help you streamline your digital communications for priority notifications. This is available as a one-off or as an ongoing service. Take this opportunity to update your customers and prepare for growth.

Priority Notification Plan

Notification Webpage

Combined with a notification on your homepage, this page outlines your company’s priority notification.

Branded Company Email

Gather your contacts for an initial email and you’ll be prepared to send updates that position your business for the eventual rebound.

Social Posts

Drafted by our staff for your approval and posted to your social media profiles to reach your customers and community.

Google My Business & More

Updates for Google My Business and other key listings


For over a decade, 3PRIME has approached Internet marketing and web development with professional expertise and an unrivaled dedication for success.  Employing a wide range of technical competencies, we know how to help businesses handle online marketplace issues and take advantage of opportunities before they go mainstream.

As a local business, we can help you in ways that larger marketing companies can’t. We are able to meet with you face-to-face and answer any questions you have. No matter what your issue is, we’re only a phone call away. We understand the challenges you face because we face them ourselves!

3PRIME stands ready to discuss your situation and build your custom SEO Plan.