Project Summary

BantamWesson, a home heating & home services provider based in Connecticut, has been working with 3PRIME for nearly a decade. They approached 3PRIME as they had a need for a Salesforce administrator and developer for tasks that fit needs with regards to customer leads, making sales, and reporting across custom objects and accounts created from leads.


BantamWesson uses a proprietary system, Advanced Digital Data Systems (ADDS), for their core fuel delivery and customer management. However, they wanted to use Salesforce as their sales platform while retaining the legacy system and ensuring data got saved to both.

They needed to be able to achieve the following goals:

  • All applicants from their customer application site synced to Salesforce and ADDS simultaneously and instantaneously
  • Creation of a mobile app for drivers to use for delivery info
  • Ensure the custom build was not difficult to use
  • Easily train salespeople on how to use Salesforce to add leads and services a customer requires


BantamWesson’s Salesforce instance was one of 3PRIME’s largest engagements involving the Salesforce platform. Our development team had to research and discover the best options on how to handle customer information, determine what data would be exported from ADDS and properly mapped into Salesforce, learn how both systems’ APIs could be integrated, and build the implementation. The entire setup, from the get go, needed to be planned in a way that it was easy for customer service and salespeople to use every day.


We began putting together the pieces for the solution to BantamWesson’s Salesforce needs by deciding what fields from ADDS needed to be migrated over, from there it was migrating the data and mapping to the proper fields upon import. We created multiple custom objects that fit their product types and connect to accounts that bought them.

After the data was migrated, we had to do heavy API work with ADDS so that when a lead was converted into an account in Salesforce, it fired background processes that trigger Apex code functions to call the API and create a new account. Then, using that new account ID, additional products and services could be populated into the customer’s account.

BantamWesson needed specific lightning page layouts for the mobile interface, including expanding select areas for checkboxes and easy-to-navigate related objects. We had to ensure that existing information was being saved and displayed correctly on reload and that the app could function in offline mode in case a worker loses connection while on the road.

We added Salesforce API calls into their customer-facing account application feature to add new accounts and custom objects related to the plans a customer is signing up for. We already had the API calls going to their legacy system, so we ensured data was properly synced between both systems.

3PRIME conducted feedback sessions with the client’s staff to make the interface as intuitive and functional as possible. In-person training was also provided to educate BantamWesson and their staff on how to use and navigate Salesforce and the new integrated solution. We created documentation, videos, and other media needed by the company. We hosted numerous training sessions to ensure their sales team knew how to create leads, convert them to accounts, and ensure that the data was also sent to their legacy system.


BantamWesson was incredibly pleased with all the work we had done for them in setting up their Salesforce instance, ensuring data syncs with their legacy system, and creating documentation and training their sales team for success.

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