Custom Salesforce Experience Cloud Development

Please note, we are redacting our client’s name in this case study.

Project Summary

Our client, a business technology firm focused on cyber security, cloud, and workplace technologies, was recommended to 3PRIME through one of our partners. Our Client was seeking expert advice and development of their Salesforce experience and dashboard. The project involved creating processes and integrations with Salesforce and 3PRIME was happy to execute on their needs.


Our Client had numerous objectives they had wished to achieve with their Salesforce setup. Their primary needs were:

  • Help with Salesforce objects and displaying fields
  • Importing their product catalog into Salesforce
  • Translating web forms from an Excel sheet to the customer facing site on Salesforce to create object data
  • Connecting data between all objects related to a customer
  • Various processes and permissions for notifications and customer profile setup.


3PRIME’s approach to this project was multi-step. Our first step was directly interfacing with the CEO to figure out the best course of action for achieving what they needed. From there, we had to research Salesforce’s custom component options and discover how we could implement the best website experience for customer profiles, which was an added challenge as Salesforce users with limited permissions cannot access the dashboard.

3PRIME would create a website using Salesforce Experience Cloud, which is a set of functionality built on the CRM enabling brands to build “digital experiences” that are connected to the CRM to provide more engaging and intuitive interfaces for customers and Salesforce users.


After learning about our Client’s needs and doing our due diligence on what needed to be done, we managed to break this project down into multiple parts for execution.

  • We created fields to display the total costs of all products that were being added to an opportunity utilizing Salesforce’s formula fields, which help total the sum of costs and average costs.
  • Our Client provided a CSV of their product list, which we were able to import using DataLoader. And then it was a matter of mapping fields from the CSV to the object. From there, we had to assign them to a “price book” which comes standard in Salesforce for all products. However, as our Client did not have prices in their sheet, it defaulted them to zero, which allowed our Client much more flexibility with customization based on each opportunity.
  • 3PRIME approached the form needs by making a custom object, which encompassed multiple fields – both checkbox and text fields. We created a custom lightning component, a record edit form, which was attached to the record that belongs to the custom object we created.
    • The edit form was designed to allow for preserving form data in case a user refreshes the form after saving it. The form maintains all the information entered and ensures that a refresh would not create duplicate objects. 
    • The form also needed to fill in basic account and contact information, which required us creating additional queries and an apex controller to call the queries.
    • One edit form was needed for two different parts of the site, and we needed to ensure – since they belong to the same object – that fields were not shared on both pages to avoid overwriting important information.
  • Ensuring the customer is getting the related data after submitting it requires us to do contact / account lookup fields on the new object. On forms, we also needed to run queries to find the currently logged in user’s IDs on both contacts and accounts. This made reporting and searching easier for our Client.
  • The Experience site had issues with forms not showing up for customers, which required us to create new permission group sets and assign to customer profiles. This allowed customers to view the forms and use them perfectly. We also included a background process to email admins whenever a new record is created or updated.


The CEO of our Client has been pleased with the progress we’ve made in executing their needs for their Salesforce instance. We were able to create and launch their Experience Cloud with the forms and relationship fields they needed, and successfully import their entire product list in a way that allows for future customization. 

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