Spark Modern Fires

Project Summary:

Spark Modern Fires, the creators of a luxury line of gas-burning fireplaces, came to 3PRIME with multiple goals: SEO dominance, establishing a strong social media presence, implementing marketing automation for lead nurturing, and developing email and advertising strategies that converts into sales. 3PRIME created a full-stack marketing strategy to execute on Spark Modern Fires’ goals and help them drive business in the luxury home improvement sector.


Before working with 3PRIME, Spark Modern Fires had numerous gaps and problems in their marketing plan:

  • The business had no automation for messaging or capturing user information, there was no formal system for email marketing, and no way to live chat with customers outside of emails
  • They wanted to reach a larger audience through organic and paid social posts in an effort to drive people from social to their website.
  • They were not getting high quality leads, which hampered their sales process.
  • They wanted to maintain and improve organic traffic, optimize their Google ads and set up conversion tracking for website engagements such as downloads, product customization forms, and messaging.
  • The website was not optimized for decreasing bounce rates and conversions


We created a multi-channel full-stack strategy and execution plan to address Spark’s major pain points. Our main goals fell into three major areas:

  • Creating a viable automation solution that converts leads into sales
  • Developing a social media and paid ads strategy that leverages the high quality creative the business provided to us with engaging copy to drive traffic to the website
  • Developing an SEO / SEM strategy that leverages their brand name, recognition, and content to generate new leads.


Spark required a custom tech stack operating in unison to achieve their goals, and with that, 3PRIME was able to develop solutions that met and exceeded Spark’s needs.

SEO & Google Ads

The base of all of their marketing was based on our SEO strategy. 3PRIME started with an audit of their on-site SEO and evaluated key weak points: technical SEO, on-page SEO, and page performance. Our team executed on fixing header tags, meta data, assigning alt-tags and optimizing images, reducing page speed load time via caching and code optimization, and creating an accessibility standard for their website.

Concurrently, we optimized content to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement rates by making pages more interactive and ensuring proper linking to other pages. We employed a variety of Search ads focused on keyword clusters and Google’s new Performance Max ads to convert users to the website and engage with the content.

We developed a high-quality link-building strategy in order to increase organic rankings by developing content for other blogs to share. This content covered a variety of topics such as building homes, home renovations, outdoor renovations, and more.

Social Media Management & Advertising

We developed a social media strategy that drives views from followers and non-followers by choosing high quality creative and writing compelling copy for posts and paid ads, researching and deploying ad spend on the platforms that proved most effective – including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Part of the ad strategy included the utilization of customer lists and CAAD lists to build custom audiences to target the right customers. We used these lists to further develop lookalike audiences to nurture new customers. These lists were continually refined over the three years of work with Spark.

We established an efficient monthly budget for ad spend and it was divided amongst platforms and campaigns. And thanks to our monitoring and reporting on the campaigns, it allowed us to review results and adjust on the fly in order to optimize performance.

Marketing Automation, Email, and Chatbots

3PRIME chose SharpSpring as their CRM for handling all lead nurturing, retention, and email marketing needs. Once the software was chosen, we hooked into Spark’s existing newsletter signup form to capture user data for the new CRM. SharpSpring allowed us to handle all of their automation and email needs.

We implemented a custom designed Chatbot to direct users to the information they needed in a quick and easy manner. This chatbot allowed us to capture user information for lead nurturing, which involved a four email chain to encourage a user to customize and purchase a fireplace.

Utilizing the CRM’s email offerings, we developed custom designed HTML based emails for all automation flows, monthly mailings, and competition notifications.

Eventually, Spark was interested in implementing a live chat feature, which required us sunsetting our chatbot and we chose a solution that allowed for Spark’s office staff to set when they’re online, have custom automated responses for out of office, and allowed for lead tracking. 


Thanks to the professionally executed strategy 3PRIME presented and executed, Spark Modern Fires made the best use of their marketing budget. Spark experienced a 90% increase in conversions from paid search and 37% increase in organic traffic through 2022. The average CTR of all ads run between 2020 and 2022 was 4.85%, with the highest exceeding 8.47%. Spark saw a follower growth rate of 22.7% on Instagram and 11.2% on Facebook. Their emails routinely saw nearly 40% open rates with a 2% CTR, with the highest exceeding 60% open rate and 10% click rate. The chatbot, which was a new implementation, was used by 10% of daily website visitors.

By working with 3PRIME, Spark Modern Fires benefits from their technical proficiency, highly responsive/integrative teamwork and proactive problem solving. They are a professional team with keen listening skills that translates into positive outcomes. Highly recommend working with them.

Tom Healy, Principal
Spark Modern Fires

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