SR Innovations Business Startup Package

The owner of SR Innovations approached 3PRIME with one goal: creating a branding package and simple website for her business. We worked with her to understand her concepts and goals for her brands and got to work creating her vision.

The first thing we worked on was creating the logo, coming up with a good color scheme, and finding the right fonts. After the branding was completed we sent the client a logo-kit with different file types of the logo for her reference. Then we applied the branding to the business card and set up a separate layer mask for a raised spot UV that was going on the front of it.

Once the card was completed we started working on the Postcard for Edible Ebbets, the sub-brand the client wished to focus on. We, first, had to come up with a good layout that would display the product and explain what the card was about. Then we searched for content from the client and applied it to the design. After this we made sure it was ready for print and sent this and the business card designs to the printer. We kept the client informed on the shipping process and when it was out for delivery.

For the simple website, we settled on creating a Google Business Manager one-page website. The client’s needs at this point did not yet call for a full fledged website and the Google one-page allowed her to get her product on the web. These simple websites allow for a person to quickly get their business on the internet with all the pertinent information about the business, contact information, hours, and more!

This Small Business Start-Up package was the ideal solution to realizing our clients vision and getting her started with her business online. It allowed her to get all of her branding in order so she could launch with ease.

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