3 Tips for Enhancing Your Local SEO Efforts

Whether you own a small business or one with multiple locations, local SEO can provide a massive assist in boosting sales.

For those not quite sure what local SEO entails, simply think about your standard search engine optimization tactics. Yet instead of targeting a general topic, it is more specific to your local area. Take an automobile repair shop located in Chicago as an example. Rather than aiming for the general term of “automobile repair shop”, local SEO will go with “automobile repair shop in Chicago”. 

Although local SEO reduces your overall reach, it increases the possibility of your business being found by people that matter: local customers. Did you know that, out of all Google searches in the world, 46% of them are from consumers searching for information about local businesses?

Due to this, your company needs a strong plan in place for local SEO. To help you along the way, consider the following three tips for enhancing your local SEO efforts:

1. Find the right local SEO keywords

First of all, you should identify the local SEO keywords which will bring maximum visibility for your company. Thankfully, this is a simple task. While you can do this with Google Keyword Planner, you also have the option of taking a closer look at your competition and see what keywords they are targeting.

When deciding on local SEO keywords, here are a few other pointers:

  • Don’t forget to do variations on keywords. For instance, “Dallas electricians”, “electricians in Dallas”, “Dallas’s best electricians”. 
  • Google, in most cases, will already know where a potential customer is located. As a result, they will search for “electricians near me” rather than specifying their local area. Keep in mind to also use “…near me” keyword variations. 
  • Long tail search terms are easy to ignore, but they can produce high conversion rates. If you rank first for, say, “Dallas electricians who install solar panels”, this will generate a concentrated customer base.

2. Optimize landing pages

Linking to the aforementioned point about keywords, you should create landing pages that are optimized for a specific topic. This could be for a location, service, feature, or ad campaign. 

When you utilize local landing page optimization, you have a greater chance of targeted customers visiting your website. You can truly highlight a certain topic and improve its local search authority in the process.

Once you have the customer on the landing page, you need to sell them on your business. To do this, you can: 

  • Provide a clear, informative description of what you are offering.
  • Use customer reviews as social proof. 
  • Utilize visual content such as videos and images.

3. Google My Business

This point is short and sweet: sign-up and get your business listed on Google My Business. 

If your business is verified on Google My Business, the rewards can be lucrative. If someone does a local search on Google, for example, your company might end up with a coveted place on their sidebar space. Although even having your location, opening times, reviews, etc. just a quick search away will help customers find the information they desire in a convenient manner.

Selecting Local Search Keywords

Here is an example of how you would go about selecting keywords for your industry and business. For this example, let’s say you’re a dry cleaner based in Shelton, CT and you are focusing on 3 cities and 2 keywords, for a total of 6 city keyword phrases.

Your first keyword will be broad, most likely it will be Dry Cleaning. The most important phrase for your business will be the one your business is based in. Therefore, your primary city keyword phrase should be “Shelton CT dry cleaning

It’d also be a good idea to achieve a good ranking in neighboring cities like Stratford and Milford. This means the first set of Google Map local keywords would be as follows:

  • Shelton CT dry cleaning
  • Stratford CT dry cleaning
  • Milford CT dry cleaning

Your second keyword will likely be a variation of the first one you choose, for example, “dry cleaners”. If that proves to be a good selection, which is determine through our initial consultation and review, then your second keyword phrase set would be:

  • Shelton CT dry cleaners
  • Stratford CT dry cleaners
  • Milford CT dry cleaners

These keywords are just an example of the process. If you’re not sure of the keywords that would be the most profitable for your business to go after then feel free to contact us. We’ll be able to determine a keyword’s strength as well as how difficult it would be to earn a worthwhile ranking in local as well as general searches