Being Search Engine Relevant

by | Jul 7, 2010 | Articles

In all search activities whether library book classification systems, data managements systems or even a filing cabinet, the function of searching is not independent from the function of being searched. If you want someone to find your ad in the classified section of the newspaper or Yellow Pages you want to do things to stand out.

Internet Marketing has changed nothing in this regard. Web page owners can do things to help search engines find them and evaluate their relevancy and importance. The only difference is that the web page owner is attracting computer programs that are highly secret in their operation. Web page owners are not attracting human beings with the current knowledge we have of how humans look for what they want, and evaluate whether they think the result relevant to their search.

The secondary concern, not to be overlooked, is the conversion of a visitor towards your desired action whether that is an email address entry, catalog request, an information form completion or a purchase.

The most common method to becoming noticed and positively evaluated by a search engine spider is to use keywords on a web page that will help the spider know what it has found and classify it accordingly. But identification is just one dimension. Search engines are very sensitive to importance. After all they sell their service based upon search engine result relevancy and comprehensiveness. Search engines want the searcher to experience the best possible result. If they fail in this even once, that user is very likely to try another search engine, delivering traffic and associated ad revenue to a competitor.

With the internet quickly becoming the world wide locator for everything from restaurants, books, articles, schools, parts, clothing and much more, being found on the internet is a marketing advantage comparable to putting a store in the right shopping center and hanging out the most attractive shingle.

Big money is spent on the right commercial real estate location and big money is starting to be spent on getting the right internet location. Of course, the difference is that internet locations are not static but change with every search so web site owners need to work constantly to make sure to gain and maintain the best possible position.

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