3 Easy Ways to Boost Sales on Your E-commerce Site

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Articles

If you have any doubts whatsoever about just how big e-commerce is, just take a look at the staggering figures coming in from Black Friday in both the UK and the US, two countries where online shopping is already huge. In the United States, it is reported that brick-and- mortar sales only grew by a few percent whilst online shopping grew by more than 29 percent year-on- year from 2015. The UK reported similar findings which indicates that online, especially mobile, shopping is strong and getting stronger by the year. Do you have an e-commerce site? If you are looking to boost sales, here are three easy ways to do just that.

1. Mobile Friendly Web Design

Yes, it’s been said a million and one times, but it can’t be reiterated enough. Consumers now search and shop much more often from their mobile devices than they do from PCs at home or the office. For any e-commerce site that wants to grow, it is imperative that you build a responsive website that can be viewed equally well on any size device and screen. It is so important to develop a mobile friendly website that Google even changed their algorithms last year to ensure a user-friendly experience among mobile users. Their warning to e-commerce sites? Get mobile or get lost – literally as you surely won’t be listed in the SERPs!

2. Offer Custom Shopping Apps

The newest rage amongst shoppers are those apps that make shopping a breeze. Downloadable to mobile devices and PCs alike, these apps make it easy to follow bargains as they arise and within just a click or two (after entering your payment info to be called up as needed) you can shop away with no fuss and no muss. App developers can have a field day with e-commerce sites by customizing apps for each business to work with their particular payment platform and the UX for shoppers is enhanced. However, retail e-commerce sites also make out big as an easy platform yields increased spending and everyone is a winner.

3. Choose the Right Hosting Package to Meet Your Needs

Nevertheless, it needs to be said that in order to be successful your e-commerce site needs to be up and running 24/7 with no downtime whatsoever. If you can’t afford a dedicated server, consider VPS hosting which is the next best thing and where space and bandwidth is expandable as needed. VPS hosting also offers a greater level of security than shared space, so consider that when planning your next big pushto increase sales.

With a reliable hosting provider and a focus on a mobile market that accesses your e-commerce site with custom apps, you can’t help but come out ahead. Just check out the latest Black Friday stats and you will see shopping trends going strongly towards online retail. The most successful online retailers found that their customers shopped with the help of apps (called the app economy) and with the ease at which they could navigate bargains, their spending increased proportionately. Looking for easy ways to boost sales to your e-commerce retail site? You’ve just found them here.