How to Maintain a Good Online Presence on Instagram

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Technology

There are professionals when it comes to using Instagram, or so it seems. Visit some people’s Instagram profiles and you will be left wondering, “How does someone get one million followers on Instagram?” Actually, it is not that hard. The thing that you have to do is to make sure that you keep your audience pleased. You do not want people to be disappointed when they are visiting your social media profiles or because they did something for you on social media. There is no one who has time for mediocrity on social media. It is a case of the proverbial, ‘you are not the only fish in the sea’.

Laws of social media

There is the possibility that people are disappointed by your activity on Instagram and that is why they are not engaging with you frequently. Well, this is probably because you are breaking some laws of social media. Do not worry; they are not constitutional laws that will get you punished. One of such laws is being interesting- you have to be interesting for people to follow you and engage with you. This can be difficult but with Instagram, you can pull it off quite easily because it is all about images. Take time to create perfect photos that you will share on Instagram.

While you are taking time with your photo creation, be consistent and post regularly. Do not post a photo today and then another one two months down the line. Few people will be willing to engage with you then. Set a posting schedule that your followers can ‘follow’. Make it like a TV show, the one that everyone does not want to miss. It should come as no surprise that some Instagram users anxiously wait for users to post their content.

The law of reciprocity is probably the most important of social media principles. You cannot expect people to do things for you and you never do the same for them. For instance, do you want people to share your content? Then you should share theirs as well. Like people’s photos, follow them back; share their content and such things. This is one of the best ways to keep your audience on Instagram engaged.

Get help doing that

Sadly, keeping up with your accounts’ activities isn’t an easy task. As your account becomes more and more popular, you will need to make sure that you are available to check on its health. Basically, this means being active and engaging with your audience. This is not an easy job for many people. There is tons of other work that needs to be done and there is only you to do that work. There is always the temptation to postpone checking your Instagram account at that time when you have set to do that.

Before going any further into this article, it is worth pointing out that having an Instagram account can be a full time job for you. There are people who are making lots of money through their social media accounts. However, before you get to earn some cash, you must be commanding a large following and this is where an Instagram bot will come in handy for you.

In as much as using Instagram bots has been discouraged severally, it is a really helpful way to get your work done. On top of that, it depends on the bot that you decide to use. There are so many of them available out there and each has its features that could potentially have a negative effect on your site. Before you choose a bot, you should do your research well. Generally though, these software programs are very helpful for those people who do not have time to keep up with their social media posts.

How do bots help your account’s growth?

Instagram bots play a huge role when it comes to keeping an account growing. They do this in a number of ways:

1. Auto followinstagram

There is a habit of people following others on Instagram and when they are not followed back, they unfollow the person. Some will give you a time limit to follow them back and this could be just a few hours. When you are trying to run to class and go to work then pick your kids up from school, Instagram is not going to get a lot of time from you. Using these software programs, you can automate your follows. When someone follows you, they will be followed back automatically. This increases your visibility on Instagram. More and more people are able to find you on Instagram the more you are following others back. This is all thanks to auto follow.

2. Automated liking

It is possible to like people’s content even without logging into Instagram. It is only with the help of a bot that you will be able to do this though. You can program the bot to like content within certain parameters that you choose. Add hashtags that you want the robot to focus upon and it will do the rest of the work for you. This also increases your account’s visibility on the social media platform.   3.

Automated commenting and direct messages

You can program your bot to send direct messages to people who follow you back. It could be a thank you message to welcome them to your network. It can also comment on other people’s content automatically but you need to be very careful with this feature. You do not want to come off as a creepy Instagram user.


The Instagram robots help a lot when it comes to maintaining your online presence on this platform. You can keep track of your account’s performance- who followed you and unfollowed you quite easily using these programs as well. There is the temptation to let these bots to do all the work. You should never fall for it. The bots are beneficial but only when they are used properly. This means that you should take some time to check on your account manually. In closing, it is worth mentioning that there are bots for just about all social media sites that are available online. Maintaining a good online presence on social media does not have to be so difficult.