Google Rolls Out New Verification Requirements and Trust Signals

by | Mar 9, 2022 | SEO

Google is currently testing out a couple of new verification features in an effort to combat fraudulent listings. Even though it’s not in a full roll-out yet, you may notice a new label on your Google Business Profile.

As you can notice, it now shows a “Confirmed” label. This is a new trust signal to show that the business has been verified by Google. Listings will now state how and how long ago a business listing was verified.

How Do I Get Google to Call Me?

While there is the verification process you go through when creating your GBP listing, there is no way to request that Google call you so you can get the confirmation label on your listing. You may receive a random call from Google. If you do, it’s imperative you answer and confirm your business details during it.

New Profile Verification Methods

In addition to this new trust signal, Google has updated how it verifies your business.

One big change is that Google’s verification help document has been updated to state that your business may be required to perform multiple verification methods.

If you have an existing GBP, you know that they would mail a postcard or call or text your business’ phone number when verifying your business location. There are now a few more options to verify including:

  • Receiving an email
  • Sending a video recording
  • Participating in a video call with a Google representative.

What does this mean for you?

If your business is already verified, at this point, nothing. But there may be a chance that Google will require additional verification of your business.

It’s too early to tell if you will need to, but it’s something we’ll be monitoring for you and will let you know if further steps are needed.